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Should I Choose a House Extension or a Conservatory Roof Conversion?

Every household needs an extra bit of space so instead of using your conservatory as a storage space why not transform that with an Ensign Insulated Tiled Roof. if we go back 10 years the answer would have been plain and simple if you need a room to use all year round then you need an extension. But now with technological advances the same insulation level is now easily achieved with a conservatory roof conversion at a much smaller cost.

Choose a House Extension?

Extensions are much more flexible regarding location and size they can be transformed into any space you want from bedrooms to dining rooms. House extensions are solid structures built to last thus they tend to come with a lot more hassle than simply having a conservatory built. With house extension there are a lot of barriers, you will be employing a local builder for months at a time with the initial price often creeping up with add-ons. With the extensions being built anywhere they can often cause a big disruption in a certain area of a house making it unusable for long periods. Extensions endure a lengthier planning process you will need to take in to account when budgeting for an extension.

Choose a Conservatory Roof Conversion?

Conservatories are an ideal way for any household to enjoy the sunshine in your garden almost giving the feeling you are in the garden without having to be outside. Conservatories are designed to have plenty of glazed areas, with this design conservatories offer a light and airy room allowing perfect access to your garden area, perfect for families who want to watch their children playing in the garden whilst also being able to relax. This also comes without having to spend big bucks on the extra space in your home and without having to take masses of time out of your calendar for the build process which takes around 12 days from start to finish.
The one major downside to a conservatory is being able to keep it warm in the winter which is near enough impossible unless spending a fortune on heating and keeping it cool in the summer which will also need lots spent on it with air conditioning when the warm weather arrives.

Ensign Conservatory Roof Solutions

For conservatory owners the frustration of trying to use your conservatory in the summer and winner is an all too common theme. Who wouldn’t want a conservatory with all the benefits, without difficulty of the too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter scenario that all too often rings true.

At Ensign our approach is that you can have a room in the garden to use all year round with all the specifications needed to comply with LABC legislations, we comprise the best of both and offer you the garden room with stunning all round views of your garden with the option to upgrade your glass to A rated and comply with LABC insulations levels ensuring your conservatory is manageable all year round for you to use and enjoy.

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