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How to Make a Conservatory Warmer in Winter

Conservatories are the perfect way of creating extra space in your home, a perfect multi-purpose room that can give the kids a playroom or simply another room to relax in. During the summer months, your conservatory may be delightfully warm and cosy allowing both sun and heat in, but with a conservatory it is possible to get quite chilly through the winter months.

Ensign Conservatory Roof Solutions have come up with a few tips that change the way your conservatory is used throughout the winter.

Keep your conservatory warmer in the winter

Keeping Heat in a Conservatory

Commonly conservatories lose a lot of heat through the floor, simply adding a think rug can help to keep the heat from escaping whilst also adding a decorative feel to the room. Alternatively adding a carpet with a thick underlay will retain more heat.

Generating Extra Heat

Polycarbonate conservatories lose heat very quickly when the winter arrives, there are lots of alternatives to this situation you can install under floor heating which will help to solve the issue of generating heat, but with an original conservatory roof most of this heat will escape. So alternatively, to keep you snug during the winter months adding blankets and throws allow you to relax in your conservatory in the evenings.

Replace Old Double Glazed Conservatory Windows

It is always worth checking to see whether there have been any technological advances with glass windows and door frames as many older conservatories were fitted with very poor standard double glazing, Glass being rated from A to G with A+ being the highest rated for energy efficiency creating large savings on utility bills that we all know seem to rise year upon year. But this may not have much effect with a polycarbonate roof with no real insulation.

Replacing Conservatory Roof for Warmth

If the answer to this is Polycarbonate or an old glass roof this can result in your conservatory feeling far too cold during the winter, but also can be a huge nuisance when it rains which in the case of an English winter is all too common. At Ensign we have come up with a solution to both of the above issues with an Ensign Bespoke Tiled Roof which could be the answer to all your conservatory problems. Utilise your conservatory all year round by following these tips and avoid losing your conservatory for the winter.

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