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What is a Cladover Roof System, and Why Should You Avoid It?

In England 18% of homes have conservatories, if you are one of these you will understand the need to alter the roof to utilise and be able to use this space. There are an extensive range solid roof products on the market, are they all what they seem? A particular product on the market might catch you out.
Don’t Fall in the Trap by Choosing a Cheap Cladover System
At Ensign we provide a bespoke timber cut roof system that complies to Building Regulations. Unfortunately, cladover roof systems are ever present in the search for a new roof for your conservatory. Due to the cost of the cladover roof they seem to be outselling genuine tiled roof products which means that many conservatories are having a substandard roof fitted.

The cladover roofing products can have a terrible effect on the conservatory roof industry, leaving the public with a lack of confidence in related products and services.

What is a Cladover Roof?

The long and short of a cladover system is a roof system that is cobbled together using various materials over the top of what is already there. A roof constructed over the top of the already existing roof comprised of poor grade timbers, some sort of insulation material, plasterboard and tiles. Due to the way the roof is constructed the cladover system can be done much cheaper but there is a crucial flaw to this system which is extremely dangerous.

A polycarbonate conservatory weighs between 5 and 10kg per square metre. So therefore the frames of a polycarbonate conservatory will struggle and most likely begin to buckle due to the added stress of the cladover system, or what happens if we have a heavy snow fall and this can add a tonne of weight on to the roof?. Unfortunately with a cladover roof you will not receive an insurance backed guarantee or be able to achieve a building control certificate.

If you’re looking to replace your conservatory roof then make sure you do some research before taking the cheaper quote make sure you read into the company making sure you don’t opt for a cladover system.

How To Avoid Cheap Roof Solutions

So, what can you do to avoid the trap of the cladover cowboys?
Here are some ideas on ways to help you avoid the trap!;

  • Check that the new roof meet the requirements of LABC (Local Authority Building Control) regulations,
  • Make sure you will get a building regulations certificate when the job is complete.
  • Look for companies which offer a guarantee on the roofing system
  • Request an explanation of the process of replacing the conservatory roof and ensure that none of the above cowboy tricks, such as screwing directly into the existing aluminium frame, are part of the process.
  • Ask to see some photographs or case studies of some recent installations

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