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Reasons to Choose Ensign Conservatory Roof Solutions

Do you have a conservatory? Then you will be all too familiar with it being too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer. At Ensign we will transform your conservatory into a brand-new room that can be enjoyed 365 days a year.

Ensign Tiled Conservatory Roof

1. All-Year-Round Conservatories

An Ensign Tiled Roof will completely stop the too hot too cold scenario, the all too common problem with an ordinary polycarbonate conservatory roof. The tiled roof will cut the glare of the sun resulting in full use for those long summer evenings without the need for expensive roof blinds as well as being able to enjoy the warmth in your conservatory in the winter.

2. Energy Efficient Conservatory

Attempting to heat a polycarbonate roofed conservatory is an almost impossible task and will waste of lot of money. A tiled roof conversion will allow the energy conservation to do itself. It’s a perfectly affordable way to improve the usable space in your home whilst tackling the ever-increasing energy bills.

3. Tiled Conservatory Roofs

The Tiled Conservatory Roof will aesthetically match the current traditional tiled roof on your home, we offer a wide range of tiled products from Extralight who specialise in a lightweight aluminium tile and Tapco who offer authentic composite slate.

4. Stop the Noise Pollution

The annoyance of a conservatory when the weather has taken a turn for the worst which is an all to common problem in the UK, with a tiled roof conversion you will no longer have to turn the tv up to drown the noise of the rain out an Ensign Tiled Roof will completely stop this issue.

5. Which? Trusted Trader, and 10 Year Insurance Backed Guarantee

We are certified by a number of organisations, The CPA which allows us to offer a 10 year insurance backed guarantee and we are also a certified member of Which Trusted Trader a very prestigious certification.

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