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Understanding U-values

In the conservatory re-roofing industry the word ‘U-Value’ is used very often but often isn’t explained as to what this means for the customer.
Understanding U-values

What is a U-Value?

A U-Value is a unit of measurement that evaluates the heat loss involved in any type of building elements such as conservatory roofs. So, when it comes to a U-Value for your home the lower the number the better is for you and your energy bills. The chart below shows the percentage of heat loss that you will be achieving with your current polycarbonate or glass conservatory roof. A typical polycarbonate roof has a U-Value of between 2.4W m/2k and 1.6w m/2k, thus resulting in the too hot or too cold scenario is far too common amongst conservatory owners. The Ensign WarmDek roof has a U-Value as low as 0.18w m/2k this is likely to save you lots of money on your ever increasing energy bills.
U-Value Comparrison Chart

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